Error QUIESCING-ERROR al crear un snapshot en VM

Al intentar hacer un clon de una máquina virtual nos puede salir este error:
An error occurred while saving the snapshot:  msg.snapshot.error-QUIESCING-ERROR.

To work around this issue, set the disk.EnableUUID parameter to false in the virtual_machine.vmx file.
Note: The disk.EnableUUID parameter is not included in the .vmx file. If it does not exist, that means it is set to true since this is the default behavior. To modify this setting, it will need to be added to the .vmx file.
To set the disk.EnableUUID parameter to false in the virtual_machine.vmx file:
  1. Connect to the host running the virtual machine with an SSH session.

    For more information, see Using ESXi Shell in ESXi 5.x and 6.0 (2004746).
  2. Navigate to the virtual_machine.vmx file located at /vmfs/volumes/virtual_machine_datastore/ virtual_machine/.
  3. Open the virtual_machine.vmx file using a text editor.
  4. Locate the disk.EnableUUID entry within the file.
  5. Set the disk.EnableUUID entry to false.

     For more information see, Editing configuration files in VMware ESXi and ESX (1017022).
  6. Open a console session to the virtual machine.
  7. Open the tools.conf file, located at the /etc/vmware-tools directory, using a text editor.

    Note: If the tools.conf file does not exists, create an empty file by running the vi tools.conf command.
  8. Add these parameters to the file:

    enableSyncDriver = false

    Note: This only runs a sync operation before the snapshot, and does not run a FREEZE on the filesystem.
  9. Save and close the file.
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